Student Mentoring


mentorship program


The University aims at giving an all-round education to its students and one of the ways used to achieve this is through student mentoring. Some members of Staff are appointed to be Mentors and this task is part of their professional work. The Mentor fulfils a three dimensional role:

Academic Mentoring and advice
The Mentor has the responsibility for monitoring and supervising a student’s overall academic progress. He/she is the link between the University and the student and acts as a natural source of reference for the student in the University.

Human Formation
The Mentor strives to help the student grow in human virtues. She/he also helps the student to learn and practice the human tone of the University.

Pastoral care
The Mentor provides pastoral insight for non-academic problems. S/He supports and advises the student on the availability of appropriate assistance offered by the University on studies, finances etc

All members of Staff should realize the importance of this aspect of University life and should facilitate it as much as possible.

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